I began my career in education while studying printmaking in Philadelphia at Temple University's Tyler School of Art and Design. I taught at Northeast High School and The Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts before opening Lovejoy Studio. I love meeting new people, teaching, discussing ideas and making art. I am fully certified and have over 10 years of experience.

“At the end of a day at the public school, personalities and energy have worn thin—but there we were, 2:10 and our pencils no longer felt like a burden, but a gift. We learned to work through the anxieties of making something and instead get lost in the process. The voice in my head quieted, and instead of focusing on what my work should be like, I accepted what it was. When I started to forget about myself and experience the singular action of putting a pencil to paper, my work changed. It got better. Much better. When something wasn’t working, instead of giving way to frustration, I felt safe stepping back and sitting for a few minutes, just breathing. Because art isn’t easy—it demands everything from you. 
In this class, I learned how much I had to give. ”

— Maya Bjornson- Prior Student currently @ RISD/Brown Honors Program